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Cioè, anche su btc era appena uscito un bug che avrebbe potuto portare a un double spend...ogni tanto ogni crypto se li scova e fixa il codice, a parte eth, eth rollbacka tutto 😂

The Zcash Foundation Welcomes a Principal Cryptographic ResearcherBY SONYA MANN FEBRUARY 07, 2019We are delighted to announce that Henry de Valence has joined the Zcash Foundation as our Principal Cryptographic Researcher. Henry brings significant technical expertise and experience to the table, having recently worked on projects such as the fastest bulletproofs implementation, composable transcripts for zero-knowledge proofs, Ristretto, and accelerating elliptic curves.Further in the past, Henry designed and implemented a hybrid X25519-SIDH post-quantum key exchange for TLS 1.3, collaborated on an anonymous reputation system for censorship circumvention, and worked on cryptanalysis of lattice-based cryptosystems, solving the principal ideal problem in multiquadratic number fields.At the Zcash Foundation, Henry will focus on accelerating zero-knowledge proofs on two fronts: Improving the implementations of proof systems themselves, as well as tooling that makes them easier to use and deploy in applications. We hope that you share our excitement for his future work!