I built this intuitive Zcash mining calculator in google sheets for the community check it out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SZf64_MpAIzmOIOEhgunE7V40BjNBWJZ_GfW_srPiCQ
Be careful with spyware when downloading Google doc files as well as phishing scams

You won’t have to download anything unless you want to, is there an easier way to share the document?

How much is a Z9 mini earning today

Michael Spivak
Z9 mini should be esrning $10 a day

What do you think it’ll earn after next batch of Z9 minis and the Z9 ships later this month?

Why does it matter if you believe in the future value of the coin

Made some refinements to the spreadsheet. Tried to improve the refresh rates of the apis as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SZf64_MpAIzmOIOEhgunE7V40BjNBWJZ_GfW_srPiCQ

Let me know if there are any features or other items you’d like to see added that could improve the spreadsheet

Is gpu mining still profitable?

Made some updates to the Zcash mining profitability spreadsheet to include live cost to 51% attack the network and the amount of ASICS required to do so. Please let me know if you have any critiques to the math on the calculation

Anyone think batch 2 Z9 minis will roi within a year?

@NiSeguy cloud mining is a rip off imo

At this point it’s better to probably just buy zec than mine

I doubt z9s will roi

The best way to think about it is. At today’s price how much zec could I purchase with the amount of money planning to spend on mining equipment. Then compare that to how much zec your expected to earn over the course of the year based on today. Then discount that by 50%.

Now you whether or not it’s worth trying to mine or if it’s better to just buy

Ultimately if you don’t end up with more zec from mining than you could have just brought then it’s a fail

Z9 mini overclocked only does like 140 a month

Bad compared to what it was like a month and a half ago

Crypto is dead dude