Im using smos too. And it works flawlessly.

Yea I was looking at the prices of going that's y I bought 2 alpha r2 i7 quad core, 8gb & 16gb of ram, 128gb SSD & gtx 960. I got for $650 each I figured I mine for awhile if it didn't work out I could always sell them and get my money back because when I got them and the market was up I was averaging around $65 a month on each machine

Antwone B.
Question I am running gtx 960 on 2 Alienware alpha r2 desktop that I had laying around. I am mining about .00199 a day so about .94 or a little less then $30 a month at current rates if I build a mining rigs with gtx 1060 about how much zec do they mine a day. Also I have these over clocked +200 core & +400 memory

Im running a 6 card rig with gtx 1060 3gb version.. I'm averaging about .6 zec a month. Whattomine is a good reference but don't take it as "actual return" alot of it has to do with network difficulty and the mining pool you choose to join.. Im mining on Dwarfpool at the moment and it seems to fluctuate on return from week to week

How long has your miner been working?

there was this miningpoolhub I did check last week but I couldn't understand how it works

does that mean a “mega” is in the works?

No, that works!

Made some updates to the Zcash mining profitability spreadsheet to include live cost to 51% attack the network and the amount of ASICS required to do so. Please let me know if you have any critiques to the math on the calculation

ill start paying more attention to what my friend says about it he is working with CSW

So I have been working on this project with a cofounder of a mining company in Silicon Valley partnered with Coinbase msi intel radian msi and many other giants. ZCASH HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL

so, for the whole audience, how does swot works?

probably could hot wire your fitbit workout app to the nanopool server and attach a pea can antenna to pick up wifi signal to it for mobile mining

let me know bro if rasps works

im preparing to network our internaational network

this is the blockchain ID from id2020 working wiht world bank UN microsoft and acccenture at the ethereum alliance and idenitty foundation

20 year old I live in Turkey  I want to establish a small real estate company in the first place, 1 + 1 & 2 + 1 buy to sell sized apartment I plan to, small-scale work can be done in the amount I mentioned.when capital increases then I'm planning to sell internet and real sales with a company that sells local products, olive oil, dried vegetables.waiting for your message, waiting for your questions and suggestions.I need to start a business, I couldn't get into college this year for material reasons, so I should build a business I don't have enough capital I've been looking for help for about 1 year yet I could not collect  $1  aid The amount I need is $ 20 thousand I don't want more I use translate for not knowing english. Forgive my misconceptions. I need 2 btc

Work, save money and then start your business.

Do anybody know what going on with official telegram , no work anymore?

Moe Darwich
Yeah how is there no telegram? Wtf

They close the main one like 3 day ago. Some people asking for admin nobody answer in weeks .This is the only one working so far . Something is not going good!!!

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