because the resources are going to be the excus to put pressure on those mining bitcoin

Just my opinion from what I’ve been reading.

yeah well maybe he will give me some idea whats sgoing on with that i listen to what he says in channel but hes limited on what he dicusses

I think the information on that last pdf is going to be the crucial blueprint for the infastructure design for the institutions and SEC to use ZEC on a larger scale

because those pieces will go up high value latter

they plan on using ZEC for shielded transactions in swiss banking type holdings for custody at higher levels of wallstreet investors

top tier bankers and investors will be using it more then bitcoin

I’ve been using nanopool because it’s been the easiest pool to join for me since I’ve been cpu mining.

no need to repeat myself

Just checking bud. Friend of mine just added me and I've not spent much time reading back. But I have a pretty impressive one to check out. Best does not always mean biggest. Bit boyes knows the deal 😎

you havent given me an answer. you just keep talking nonsense

Orlando Centeno
I like hearing that. I’m low level zec miner. I cpu mine in my iPhone connected to nanopool. I don’t collect a lot but it’s something since I don’t have the hardware to mine in a higher level.

I'm sorry to burst the bubble here heeh but zec asics ruined it. I'm on a couple gpus and profit went down the toliet even before the current dip. Actually xmr is more profitable to mine on cpu last time I checked whattomine. I keep mining zec bc I decided to set a goal for hodlin some of it. It is a decent project but they kinda sold themselves to the asics.

So, your analysis took you to conclude investors will use zec more than bitcoin, right?

it increases higher percentages of accuracy when you take business development strategy market oporutnity and risks and then TA over the market you can find out windows of activity of business moves

I have experience with, Slushpool, suprnova and nanopool

and by far zhash is the worst then nanopool, slushpool and at least for me suprnova is the best of this 4 pools

just make sure you DYOR

Bit Boyes
So hostile bro get yourself together

you guys are a joke. just for the heads up. keep mining on those gpus

you guys just ass mouth. blabber

you guys just blabber

no information just wasting words

your shit ass custom pools arent what im looking for so stay the fuck out of my way

🤷‍♂️🔥🤦‍♂️ I’m just trying to learn and share bro

Kevin who are speaking on just so I understand

I'm only here because my friend bit boyes told me this was an adult community built to collaborate and grow in the zcash space. This happens to be where we have devoted all our time over the past year. We see true potential for zcash world wide in very short time.

just got to wait for SEC and infastructure to set up

your gunna see big money come in and use it

Only so much the government can do and those options still only come down to how diff operations run their businesses

and push for revolution

because they are going to deem ALL who dont get implanted with th ebiomtric ID to AI

people are gunna bee furious

people are gunna be furious they are locked out

you aint riding a bus unless your good slaave

Food for thought for the group... how do you determine prior chain authenticity during a fork? By fork chain length? Or by fork chain weight? And why??? 🤷‍♂️ Good debate that will come to play soon for all of us who see value in zec.

Hey guys maybe you know trusted China resellers?

Bit Boyes
I don’t do bots I can’t help there

Really just looking for any places I can invest or mine zec. I personally cpu mine zec on my phone through nanopool but looking for other places.

What do you think the BTC price in 2019

zcash price seems resilient despite sustained issuance. maybe electric coin company performing buybacks... in order to trade OTC ;)

just got my second z9 miner... IP reporter isn't finding it... each ethernet cable is connected to the back of my wireless router as the first z9 miner already is. I hold the IP button down for 5 seconds, then see the fault light blink once. I don't remember if i saw that with the first z9 install...

the id database links all global KYC from all nations to a centralized chain to track and monitor using AI