I'm still getting established and sorting out hardware

Antwone B.
Are you running your rig off windows or Linux?

Im using linux with SMos.. very stable. No issue's so far and SMos updates the software as soon as its booted to your rig. I've done zero bios mods to the mobo but I do overclock and average 1400 sols but Dwarfpool reports no less than 1600 sometimes 2000

Hey everyone just a heads up sel coin is about to announce a big partnership and getting on binance! Buy sel coin on cryptopia using BTC!

so, imho, we should support them

there's a particular pool I like, moneroocean. They mine several cryptonight coins , they pick the most profitable one in a given moment and pay you in xmr

May25 Gemini exchange opens in usa,should start to get a good amount of volume going then possibly the price raise your seeking

it was my “starter kit” coin

i usually just start with name of miner, but i know each is a little different

they're limited to two per household tho so it gives some sort of relief

okay, yeah, i read an article on it in Forbes last christmas, said one of the developers was from microsoft i believe

por cierto, tengo msi afterburner pero veo que el overcloking no hace mucho efecto en las sol/s

Does anyone has ever imported anything from bitmain to the us?

El portafolio debe estar siempre diversificado. También invertiria en masternodos y en POS

Y luego se convierten en lo mismo que todo lo otro

Hoping it's worth the cost

no, esta vaina está muerta

Te voy a escribir porque nos pueden reportar

nah , esto está más muerto que una marcha de Maburrus

for starters...anyone else besides me?

10 bucks a day ain't worth it lol just unplugged last week

And since mining isn't profitable atm, they won't invest w/o a certainty they'd have the shortest ROI possible

nevertheless, I'd turn off my money-making machine of price goes down and the market looks bearish.

I have no idea where to start but i have the rig to do it, ready to go...

Any miners? need some hash power to start

Hi everyone. Big fan of zcash and want to start mining. What resources are the most reliable on returns and the best rig for a beginner

Now you whether or not it’s worth trying to mine or if it’s better to just buy

Miners greed took care of that with supporting ASICS. And companies like Bitmain control the market.

I’m just part of a pool so I get a number of shares if I was part of a block that was mined.

Not to mention they put a restriction on all miners so it cannot exceed a a certain temp.

i think they will start taxing peopel who use bitcoin mining so much it will force them into ZEC

ill start paying more attention to what my friend says about it he is working with CSW

So I have been working on this project with a cofounder of a mining company in Silicon Valley partnered with Coinbase msi intel radian msi and many other giants. ZCASH HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL

I find that building up people takes more effort then destroying somebody

more effective way would be to put a pdf out there on white paper form with a flow chart to show people the best way to mine

I'm only here because my friend bit boyes told me this was an adult community built to collaborate and grow in the zcash space. This happens to be where we have devoted all our time over the past year. We see true potential for zcash world wide in very short time.

give me liberty or give me death and death is sounding alot more like tje option coming

#Bitcoin UpdateAs told you guys in last update that we're expecting a pump upto 3600$ from that 3250$ level. It exactly did same and hits around 3550$+, but it unable to hold that support and comes again to the same level again.What Now?Well Get Ready for another dump till 3000$ in coming days, which may brings price to 2600-2800$ between December last to Mid January and from there we can say short Term Reversal started. Small Pumps Can be seen within this time frames.But Reversal started then means Is it There the Bottom of #Bitcoin? No, We don't think so. Bottom is not there. Everyone sees 2500-3000$ as bottom but No One is looking at the yearly chart, No One. When you figure it Properly, you clearly sees the bottom. It's may not going to hit directly but slowly and eventually we'll hit. Although we're clearly seeing the Bottom and we even identified the top of next bull run. Isn't that great. Well, we will reveal it once we feel the good time to do so.It may take little time to complete the cycle and hits bottom to Start Bull Run but yes Next Bull Run going to be huge than you can think.#Note the words