Nope but thanks because won't be using 1080 no time soon my budget is to get a 2 to 3 gpu perfer 1060 since I've seen them around the $300-$380 price and add on as I go

Gives you an idea. Also I’d advise to hold off on GPUs purchase unless you can get a good price on them. At current prices and difficulty, ROI is nearly a year on most GPUs if not higher.

True,I got lucky getting in early,same cards I bought at 750 bucks are now 1500 ,prices are going mad

Yea I was looking at the prices of going that's y I bought 2 alpha r2 i7 quad core, 8gb & 16gb of ram, 128gb SSD & gtx 960. I got for $650 each I figured I mine for awhile if it didn't work out I could always sell them and get my money back because when I got them and the market was up I was averaging around $65 a month on each machine

347 was my price will see

May25 Gemini exchange opens in usa,should start to get a good amount of volume going then possibly the price raise your seeking

Ppl arent mining with the low prices

nevertheless, I'd turn off my money-making machine of price goes down and the market looks bearish.

The best way to think about it is. At today’s price how much zec could I purchase with the amount of money planning to spend on mining equipment. Then compare that to how much zec your expected to earn over the course of the year based on today. Then discount that by 50%.

We are seeing it being groomed and prepared to be walked up to a very high price for the world market to balance out the market share values of crypto big coins like bitcoin

#Bitcoin UpdateAs told you guys in last update that we're expecting a pump upto 3600$ from that 3250$ level. It exactly did same and hits around 3550$+, but it unable to hold that support and comes again to the same level again.What Now?Well Get Ready for another dump till 3000$ in coming days, which may brings price to 2600-2800$ between December last to Mid January and from there we can say short Term Reversal started. Small Pumps Can be seen within this time frames.But Reversal started then means Is it There the Bottom of #Bitcoin? No, We don't think so. Bottom is not there. Everyone sees 2500-3000$ as bottom but No One is looking at the yearly chart, No One. When you figure it Properly, you clearly sees the bottom. It's may not going to hit directly but slowly and eventually we'll hit. Although we're clearly seeing the Bottom and we even identified the top of next bull run. Isn't that great. Well, we will reveal it once we feel the good time to do so.It may take little time to complete the cycle and hits bottom to Start Bull Run but yes Next Bull Run going to be huge than you can think.#Note the words

What do you think the BTC price in 2019

Btc price I believe has hit the bottom

zcash price seems resilient despite sustained issuance. maybe electric coin company performing buybacks... in order to trade OTC ;)