c;\ZecMiner64.exe -zpool ssl:// -zwal your_wallet_address -zpsw x

tho its hard to tell which share of the global hashrate it has but it has to be larger than nanopool I guess

so i was taking a look at nanopool, says Claymore is an AMD miner

lo bueno es que en nanopool el límite mínimo de retiro es bien bajito

kevin hadfield
We should see a very good future holding ZEC if we keep collecting and not sell

I like hearing that. I’m low level zec miner. I cpu mine in my iPhone connected to nanopool. I don’t collect a lot but it’s something since I don’t have the hardware to mine in a higher level.

best pool for profit? average ~.1 per z9 in antpool, ~.1- .14 in nano. is fly where its at? not happy with nano anymore. think there is better

I’ve been using nanopool because it’s been the easiest pool to join for me since I’ve been cpu mining.

im pretty sure it goes ant>nano>fly

I have experience with, Slushpool, suprnova and nanopool

and by far zhash is the worst then nanopool, slushpool and at least for me suprnova is the best of this 4 pools

probably could hot wire your fitbit workout app to the nanopool server and attach a pea can antenna to pick up wifi signal to it for mobile mining

and anywhere from .1 to .14 in nano

im at like .08% rejected in nano

Bit Boyes
I don’t do bots I can’t help there

Really just looking for any places I can invest or mine zec. I personally cpu mine zec on my phone through nanopool but looking for other places.