Yea I was looking at the prices of going that's y I bought 2 alpha r2 i7 quad core, 8gb & 16gb of ram, 128gb SSD & gtx 960. I got for $650 each I figured I mine for awhile if it didn't work out I could always sell them and get my money back because when I got them and the market was up I was averaging around $65 a month on each machine

this is a competence for money sadly

Yes,I still make good money,but I sell every time I receive,if you hold in this market you will get rekt ,so I sell asap then buy pos coins in hopes of a decent day in the future

:V no, we don't have that much money

nevertheless, I'd turn off my money-making machine of price goes down and the market looks bearish.

The best way to think about it is. At today’s price how much zec could I purchase with the amount of money planning to spend on mining equipment. Then compare that to how much zec your expected to earn over the course of the year based on today. Then discount that by 50%.

your gunna see big money come in and use it

I'm in so deep it's not about the money any more.

Work, save money and then start your business.

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