I'm gonna switch back to monero. I'll make less profit but at least it is asic-free

After that please feel free to ask questions here and I’m sure any of the members will help!

Hello ZCash community and especially Miners! My name is Flavia. And on the behalf of MinerGate I'm glad to invite you to one of the oldest and most loyal mining pools to ZCash. Please feel free to ask any questions about mining, our software and how to set it up. Hope to see you soon on MinerGate!

No ASICs no equipment at all yet. We have access to free power and I thought that may increase profitability

Going back in my corner dude. Good luck with finding people to communicate with with an attitude like that. If you want to know more feel free to get with bit boyes. He has me.

What a lazy cry baby lol. Someone give that man sumn for free already lol.

Free cryptocurrency mining software

I need your help with an article as English is not my native language, it would be great if you help. Please suggest improvements in this :

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