People just bought that for the fork

there isn't much we can do tho...unless we all unite but that's gonna be hard. I see forks coming on

Zcash going to fork from ASIC

had my eye on it for quite some time, but didn’t buy into the fork, it got slammed after that

ahorita rinde más zec que incluso xmr luego del fork anti-ASIC de este último

No viste que salieron 4 forks en monero?

Precisamente de ese fork es que hablé, cada 6 meses lo cambiarán

Btc will go back up. But the fork with bch is goingto make it more popular. Will also make XMR zec and ripple go up.

Food for thought for the group... how do you determine prior chain authenticity during a fork? By fork chain length? Or by fork chain weight? And why??? 🤷‍♂️ Good debate that will come to play soon for all of us who see value in zec.

Hey guys, does anyone have info on the timeline of the algorithm fork?

Guys i have zcash on bittrex and coinbase. Do they support the fork? Or is it a big problem?