They offer multiple miners for different algorithms

Different algos and different miners built in too

thank you, I hope so how does it differ from eth?

Ethereum is a platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DAPPS) in the most streamlined and efficient way

Gives you an idea. Also I’d advise to hold off on GPUs purchase unless you can get a good price on them. At current prices and difficulty, ROI is nearly a year on most GPUs if not higher.

I was even mining off the cpu with xmr and getting $6-$10 a month I was seeing the temp was getting kind of high

Antwone B.
Question I am running gtx 960 on 2 Alienware alpha r2 desktop that I had laying around. I am mining about .00199 a day so about .94 or a little less then $30 a month at current rates if I build a mining rigs with gtx 1060 about how much zec do they mine a day. Also I have these over clocked +200 core & +400 memory

Im running a 6 card rig with gtx 1060 3gb version.. I'm averaging about .6 zec a month. Whattomine is a good reference but don't take it as "actual return" alot of it has to do with network difficulty and the mining pool you choose to join.. Im mining on Dwarfpool at the moment and it seems to fluctuate on return from week to week

Antwone B.
Ok I am only getting about 163 Sol/s from a gtx 960

I've noticed that your sol/s rate has alot to do with the number of accepted shares. Adjusting your VarDiff helps in optimizing your rig

I mean, centralize the blockchain? skyrocket the difficulty and leave us out? not fair at all

at least the effect won't be that huge

be mindful equihash asics will be mining so difficulty might rise

i usually just start with name of miner, but i know each is a little different

and zcash is not the only equihash coin so their hashing power is gonna be somehow distributed around the different coins

It's the new game, and it's clear now devs are not turning them off

nevertheless, I'd turn off my money-making machine of price goes down and the market looks bearish.

Relatively.... Would just jump at this offer or would low-ball to 1600?

@NiSeguy cloud mining is a rip off imo

Is there an official group?

not to burst your bubble but I've seen the difficulty rise everyday , they ruined zec mining for those who doesn't own ASICs

well since the ZEC official chanel booted me for no reason

i tried the nheqminer stuff for a while

I keep The case-off. But iPhone has a protection where if it gets too hot it will stop all running apps.

preparing for stuff

im not really seeing much organic grass roots community stuff

Yes, and as the other guys say, everyone have different criteria..

I find that building up people takes more effort then destroying somebody

more effective way would be to put a pdf out there on white paper form with a flow chart to show people the best way to mine

could be reall effective if people got thier minds together

Only so much the government can do and those options still only come down to how diff operations run their businesses

the KYC stuff for crypto is the stepping stone to link the global ID to purchase power and lockout payment methods

Do anybody know what going on with official telegram , no work anymore?

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