The more people come and leave the harder to build a community. I wonder how many pepole mine Zcash versus ETH?

I thought u had them mining ethe bro?

thank you, I hope so how does it differ from eth?

Ethereum is a platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DAPPS) in the most streamlined and efficient way

Cuando inició el claymore a los pocos minutos se cierra , supongo que es por el OC (overclock) ya que lo tengo configurado para ethash.

Por que no minas ethash o crypto night con esas targetas?

Qual OS estas usando?

Uso Windows 10, @crltsz mis gpu son sapphire nitro rx580 les hago el OC cc1150 mc2150 undervolt 900 y en ethash me dan 31.XX Mhs cada una

Con ethash y cryptonight no me pasa.

I'd have to mine something else and buy their token

I heard something about limiting the amount of asics a person can buy tho

i get alot of them, but i want something with more utility

I'm actually mining something else lol. Its the new game, not my game tho hehehe. Still good luck with the coupons. Try reddit and see if you can find info there

Now you whether or not it’s worth trying to mine or if it’s better to just buy

i got a pdf i put together

its an analysis for the Zcash i put together while back

kevin hadfield
We should see a very good future holding ZEC if we keep collecting and not sell

I like hearing that. I’m low level zec miner. I cpu mine in my iPhone connected to nanopool. I don’t collect a lot but it’s something since I don’t have the hardware to mine in a higher level.

youre about to try to sell me on something by the bullshit pitch you keep trying to craft. im not buying. your pitch is ass

sorry, expected it to be on screenshots or something for everybody to see

its easier to tear down something then it is to build

could be reall effective if people got thier minds together

the KYC stuff for crypto is the stepping stone to link the global ID to purchase power and lockout payment methods

just got my second z9 miner... IP reporter isn't finding it... each ethernet cable is connected to the back of my wireless router as the first z9 miner already is. I hold the IP button down for 5 seconds, then see the fault light blink once. I don't remember if i saw that with the first z9 install...

kevin needs to go to church or something

him and vitalik giving ETH away on binance twitter right now

this is the blockchain ID from id2020 working wiht world bank UN microsoft and acccenture at the ethereum alliance and idenitty foundation

Moe Darwich
Yeah how is there no telegram? Wtf

They close the main one like 3 day ago. Some people asking for admin nobody answer in weeks .This is the only one working so far . Something is not going good!!!

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