Have you tried them on zencash or zcash or bitcoin gold?

Zcash has privacy options as far as transactions are concerned it aims is to fix bitcoins privacy issue

Yes. Bitcoin transaction time has slowed due to its popularity. Zcash is undervalued as far as its real world applications. Imagine a swiss bank account in your pocket

Anonymity alone has won me over. Is this like with bitcoin where developers hold 40% of the coins on the market.

and its going to be set up to be bloated by industry leaders to bring down bitcoins market dominance by the regulators and echanges in conjunction with the IMF and SEC and Instutitions

they likely will put bitcoin market share at 25% and Zcash at 25%

and i suspect its a shadow project for the bankers to bloat and take market share dominance from bitcoin

and rise the prise up so high they can make its market cap beat bitcoins

i think they will start taxing peopel who use bitcoin mining so much it will force them into ZEC

because the resources are going to be the excus to put pressure on those mining bitcoin

We are seeing it being groomed and prepared to be walked up to a very high price for the world market to balance out the market share values of crypto big coins like bitcoin

top tier bankers and investors will be using it more then bitcoin

So, your analysis took you to conclude investors will use zec more than bitcoin, right?

#Bitcoin UpdateAs told you guys in last update that we're expecting a pump upto 3600$ from that 3250$ level. It exactly did same and hits around 3550$+, but it unable to hold that support and comes again to the same level again.What Now?Well Get Ready for another dump till 3000$ in coming days, which may brings price to 2600-2800$ between December last to Mid January and from there we can say short Term Reversal started. Small Pumps Can be seen within this time frames.But Reversal started then means Is it There the Bottom of #Bitcoin? No, We don't think so. Bottom is not there. Everyone sees 2500-3000$ as bottom but No One is looking at the yearly chart, No One. When you figure it Properly, you clearly sees the bottom. It's may not going to hit directly but slowly and eventually we'll hit. Although we're clearly seeing the Bottom and we even identified the top of next bull run. Isn't that great. Well, we will reveal it once we feel the good time to do so.It may take little time to complete the cycle and hits bottom to Start Bull Run but yes Next Bull Run going to be huge than you can think.#Note the words

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