Zcash is a great investment uou won't be disappointed

Ethereum is a platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DAPPS) in the most streamlined and efficient way

Yes. Bitcoin transaction time has slowed due to its popularity. Zcash is undervalued as far as its real world applications. Imagine a swiss bank account in your pocket

Qual OS estas usando?

Uso Windows 10, @crltsz mis gpu son sapphire nitro rx580 les hago el OC cc1150 mc2150 undervolt 900 y en ethash me dan 31.XX Mhs cada una

alright, I'll be around. Best of luck, happy mining.

I keep The case-off. But iPhone has a protection where if it gets too hot it will stop all running apps.

first i said Zrx would be the addition modeled with my mapping, then BAT would be next and then ZEC based in that order of the modeling i did for strategic analsysi

best pool for profit? average ~.1 per z9 in antpool, ~.1- .14 in nano. is fly where its at? not happy with nano anymore. think there is better

Well then there you go lol. There was no sense in asking the question if you already had your own answer. Happy hashing there bud šŸ‘ enjoy those fees

mapping the full spectrum

probably could hot wire your fitbit workout app to the nanopool server and attach a pea can antenna to pick up wifi signal to it for mobile mining

was thinking of modding a fitbit crossover to apple watch

I'm only here because my friend bit boyes told me this was an adult community built to collaborate and grow in the zcash space. This happens to be where we have devoted all our time over the past year. We see true potential for zcash world wide in very short time.

been mapping thier global goals and agenda for 20 yrs

look at what happened in greece

Hello guys Happy Christmas !

Iā€™m not a major miner but I do mine ZEC with my iPhone. Finally an iOS ZEC Miner.AppStore link: