just got to wait for SEC and infastructure to set up

been outletting counter intel against thier narratives for 10

because they are going to deem ALL who dont get implanted with th ebiomtric ID to AI

wait till the people wake eup to the game they got

you aint riding a bus unless your good slaave

Food for thought for the group... how do you determine prior chain authenticity during a fork? By fork chain length? Or by fork chain weight? And why??? 🤷‍♂️ Good debate that will come to play soon for all of us who see value in zec.

#Bitcoin UpdateAs told you guys in last update that we're expecting a pump upto 3600$ from that 3250$ level. It exactly did same and hits around 3550$+, but it unable to hold that support and comes again to the same level again.What Now?Well Get Ready for another dump till 3000$ in coming days, which may brings price to 2600-2800$ between December last to Mid January and from there we can say short Term Reversal started. Small Pumps Can be seen within this time frames.But Reversal started then means Is it There the Bottom of #Bitcoin? No, We don't think so. Bottom is not there. Everyone sees 2500-3000$ as bottom but No One is looking at the yearly chart, No One. When you figure it Properly, you clearly sees the bottom. It's may not going to hit directly but slowly and eventually we'll hit. Although we're clearly seeing the Bottom and we even identified the top of next bull run. Isn't that great. Well, we will reveal it once we feel the good time to do so.It may take little time to complete the cycle and hits bottom to Start Bull Run but yes Next Bull Run going to be huge than you can think.#Note the words

zcash price seems resilient despite sustained issuance. maybe electric coin company performing buybacks... in order to trade OTC ;)

this is the blockchain ID from id2020 working wiht world bank UN microsoft and acccenture at the ethereum alliance and idenitty foundation

the id database links all global KYC from all nations to a centralized chain to track and monitor using AI

20 year old I live in Turkey  I want to establish a small real estate company in the first place, 1 + 1 & 2 + 1 buy to sell sized apartment I plan to, small-scale work can be done in the amount I mentioned.when capital increases then I'm planning to sell internet and real sales with a company that sells local products, olive oil, dried vegetables.waiting for your message, waiting for your questions and suggestions.I need to start a business, I couldn't get into college this year for material reasons, so I should build a business I don't have enough capital I've been looking for help for about 1 year yet I could not collect  $1  aid The amount I need is $ 20 thousand I don't want more I use translate for not knowing english. Forgive my misconceptions. I need 2 btc

Moe Darwich
Yeah how is there no telegram? Wtf

They close the main one like 3 day ago. Some people asking for admin nobody answer in weeks .This is the only one working so far . Something is not going good!!!

I need your help with an article as English is not my native language, it would be great if you help. Please suggest improvements in this :


finally I don't think this particular range this particular