Im faruk aslanI'm looking for donationdo you want me to tell you about my plan can you send me pm wanting to help

20 year old I live in Turkey  I want to establish a small real estate company in the first place, 1 + 1 & 2 + 1 buy to sell sized apartment I plan to, small-scale work can be done in the amount I mentioned.when capital increases then I'm planning to sell internet and real sales with a company that sells local products, olive oil, dried vegetables.waiting for your message, waiting for your questions and suggestions.I need to start a business, I couldn't get into college this year for material reasons, so I should build a business I don't have enough capital I've been looking for help for about 1 year yet I could not collect  $1  aid The amount I need is $ 20 thousand I don't want more I use translate for not knowing english. Forgive my misconceptions. I need 2 btc

Work, save money and then start your business.

Do anybody know what going on with official telegram , no work anymore?

I think the coin is dying. No telegram community .

Like so many until a market upswing?

Yeah how is there no telegram? Wtf

Even shitcoins that are new have telegrams

Moe Darwich
Yeah how is there no telegram? Wtf

They close the main one like 3 day ago. Some people asking for admin nobody answer in weeks .This is the only one working so far . Something is not going good!!!

Free cryptocurrency mining software

I need your help with an article as English is not my native language, it would be great if you help. Please suggest improvements in this :

Zcash minner bot paga????


Cualquier duda estoy a sus ordenes

Guys i have zcash on bittrex and coinbase. Do they support the fork? Or is it a big problem?

Why not join

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Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link and use my username (BabyJesus) as your invitation code.

I’m not a major miner but I do mine ZEC with my iPhone. Finally an iOS ZEC Miner.AppStore link:

finally I don't think this particular range this particular

De que va este grupo ?

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