who let this guy in here

can someone give this guy a shower

you are worse than the nigerian banker scam

kevin needs to go to church or something

@kevinehadfield 😂😂😂😂 who did the scam bro?

hes runnina round hes everywhere

him and vitalik giving ETH away on binance twitter right now

Man don’t you know ! Nigeria lost country and under developed and 97% of people live there on scam

that nigerian banker guy scammed everybody in nigeria and took over?

@kevinehadfield I don’t care abt him

thats pretty intense


dont let them implant you with the miccrochip tag

this is the blockchain ID from id2020 working wiht world bank UN microsoft and acccenture at the ethereum alliance and idenitty foundation

its called the mark of the beast

the id database links all global KYC from all nations to a centralized chain to track and monitor using AI

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Anybody help me and provide me good france ip.. static one ( proxy) not crap ones...

Hey guys, does anyone have info on the timeline of the algorithm fork?