Food for thought for the group... how do you determine prior chain authenticity during a fork? By fork chain length? Or by fork chain weight? And why??? 🤷‍♂️ Good debate that will come to play soon for all of us who see value in zec.

Hey guys maybe you know trusted China resellers?

Anybody hear know of other zec bots on telegram.

I don’t do bots I can’t help there

Bit Boyes
I don’t do bots I can’t help there

Really just looking for any places I can invest or mine zec. I personally cpu mine zec on my phone through nanopool but looking for other places.

#Bitcoin UpdateAs told you guys in last update that we're expecting a pump upto 3600$ from that 3250$ level. It exactly did same and hits around 3550$+, but it unable to hold that support and comes again to the same level again.What Now?Well Get Ready for another dump till 3000$ in coming days, which may brings price to 2600-2800$ between December last to Mid January and from there we can say short Term Reversal started. Small Pumps Can be seen within this time frames.But Reversal started then means Is it There the Bottom of #Bitcoin? No, We don't think so. Bottom is not there. Everyone sees 2500-3000$ as bottom but No One is looking at the yearly chart, No One. When you figure it Properly, you clearly sees the bottom. It's may not going to hit directly but slowly and eventually we'll hit. Although we're clearly seeing the Bottom and we even identified the top of next bull run. Isn't that great. Well, we will reveal it once we feel the good time to do so.It may take little time to complete the cycle and hits bottom to Start Bull Run but yes Next Bull Run going to be huge than you can think.#Note the words

Hello guys Happy Christmas !

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What do you think the BTC price in 2019

Btc price I believe has hit the bottom

It’s only sideways or up from here

watch for the CME futures closing

its the same date for settlement as the SEC anouncement date released and the CME futures finished up on feb 22

Hi! I am a new miner!

could be a large dump on the close of futures?

zcash price seems resilient despite sustained issuance. maybe electric coin company performing buybacks... in order to trade OTC ;)

just got my second z9 miner... IP reporter isn't finding it... each ethernet cable is connected to the back of my wireless router as the first z9 miner already is. I hold the IP button down for 5 seconds, then see the fault light blink once. I don't remember if i saw that with the first z9 install...

somebody kick this retarded spamer out