then they will dump thier finances into it to shield it

your gunna see big money come in and use it

jsut be prepared to hold to high highs and then sell it back to them in increments and bleed thier purses

Only so much the government can do and those options still only come down to how diff operations run their businesses

macro economics still dominates the market

I'm in so deep it's not about the money any more.

im preparing to network our internaational network

to hold thier conis ransom

and push for revolution

full blown civil disobedince when they declare need for purchase verification by the global ID

not playing on this end

they want thier coins they can do what we say

been mapping thier global goals and agenda for 20 yrs

been outletting counter intel against thier narratives for 10

give me liberty or give me death and death is sounding alot more like tje option coming

because they are going to deem ALL who dont get implanted with th ebiomtric ID to AI

as terrorists and tax evaders

these cats think we are dumb

the KYC stuff for crypto is the stepping stone to link the global ID to purchase power and lockout payment methods

to shut down payments or block payments

They got another thing coming

im not getting microchipped

No I'm saying they dont know what they are playing with.

wait till the people wake eup to the game they got

people are gunna bee furious

look at what happened in greece

thats micro level of banking shut down

when they shut down the banking and then onboard the population to global ID payment

people are gunna be furious they are locked out

They will all come our way

they plan on unmasking and real time tracking of all resources linked to overledger of a global ID

all purchses encrypted messages encrypted

will all be databased lnked to the ID ledger

china is the social rewards model lol

you aint riding a bus unless your good slaave

and i guess im not able to travel then

any how i dont wanna flood the channel

message in private if you guys want ill throw you the link to the think tank room

Damn that’s interesting. 🤯

Yo it’s about to be France in this bitch lol

glad you guys fabricated 'best' when i said most profitable. its one variable lol. wtf

I think it is a personal choice. Crypto is full of people trying to sell the way they do things on others.