was thinking of modding a fitbit crossover to apple watch

im at like .08% rejected in nano

might be able to mine with jogging power

let me know bro if rasps works

need to geet a solar power attachment for the backpack so when your power cycles hit frrom the draw it doesnt crash the terminal

Kevin I went over that analysis that shit was great bro

that was old and very quick

Bit Boyes
Do you even know what your saying ? Do you know what I’m Mining and how I’m Mining it?

no but you guys have done nothing but shit out words that have no value. oh yeah i have all this good info that ill tell you about that is very good. coinbase loves it. pool is so good ill tell you about it

doesnt even make sense

you guys just blabber

no information just wasting words

your shit ass custom pools arent what im looking for so stay the fuck out of my way

Your wasting your own time bro you have spent more energy talking shit than educating

I find that building up people takes more effort then destroying somebody

You are sooooo uneducated. 🤦‍♂️

its easier to tear down something then it is to build

so people being lazy tend too go the easy route

you can tell the quality of a person by how many people they build up

What a lazy cry baby lol. Someone give that man sumn for free already lol.

🤷‍♂️🔥🤦‍♂️ I’m just trying to learn and share bro

Kevin who are speaking on just so I understand

Much respect bro. 👌

My man #respect 👊

more effective way would be to put a pdf out there on white paper form with a flow chart to show people the best way to mine

so they can pass that around to the community

to help build the community

channel was dead for months

nobody talked then all of a sudden you got conversation going on and people coming in trying to stirr up conflict

could be reall effective if people got thier minds together

hopefully we see more activity in here

I'm only here because my friend bit boyes told me this was an adult community built to collaborate and grow in the zcash space. This happens to be where we have devoted all our time over the past year. We see true potential for zcash world wide in very short time.

zcash is going to be big

just got to wait for SEC and infastructure to set up