So, your analysis took you to conclude investors will use zec more than bitcoin, right?

can we have a look to your analysis?

Here is that analysis Alejandro

i predicted coinbase adition of ZEC within 1 day of it being anounced

based on SWOT analysis

mapping the full spectrum

sorry, expected it to be on screenshots or something for everybody to see

so, for the whole audience, how does swot works?

the channel was the private thnk tank channel we shared the info ont hat before hand i only showed the pdf in here

but swot anlsysi let me get you soome info

Alright then. People will judge and decide.

it increases higher percentages of accuracy when you take business development strategy market oporutnity and risks and then TA over the market you can find out windows of activity of business moves

your able to find windows of actiity that you would regularly miss

i dont want to be ad nasuem in here with this so ill refrain

but theres ability to analyze things

im pretty sure it goes ant>nano>fly

I have experience with, Slushpool, suprnova and nanopool

and by far zhash is the worst then nanopool, slushpool and at least for me suprnova is the best of this 4 pools

probably could hot wire your fitbit workout app to the nanopool server and attach a pea can antenna to pick up wifi signal to it for mobile mining

just make sure you DYOR

Yes, and as the other guys say, everyone have different criteria..

im joining fly tonight. and ill record for a week and let you know

i want most profitable

i was averaging like .10 or .11 in antpool per z9

and anywhere from .1 to .14 in nano

I built a pool with z-nomp but I think the source is not good

Bit Boyes
So hostile bro get yourself together

you guys are a joke. just for the heads up. keep mining on those gpus

you guys just ass mouth. blabber

I had a lot of rejected shares

Do you even know what your saying ? Do you know what I’m Mining and how I’m Mining it?

i have a buddy building on rasps