Welcome everyone!

The more people come and leave the harder to build a community. I wonder how many pepole mine Zcash versus ETH?

I don't mine it at all at the moment.

I'm still getting established and sorting out hardware

But since I'll likely stick to nvidia I likely will be mining zcash

Brian you are on equihash?

I’m not sure what to do with the P104s

I also cancelled the Vegas and night do 1080s

Or might wait for the new 2000 series

I thought u had them mining ethe bro?

Have you tried them on zencash or zcash or bitcoin gold?

You have plenty options on equihash

Nice to see this channel for like minds!

I'm currently mining zcash with a 6× gtx 1060 3gb getting 1400 sols on ewbf miner

Great. Welcome brother

New to Telegram. Been mining Zcash with three 7990's, four RX 580's, and just added three R9 295x2's. Looking into Waves as a possible platform. Anybody using them?

Im not familiar with waves but I am currently using SimpleminingOS and they seem legit so far

They offer multiple miners for different algorithms

Im using smos too. And it works flawlessly.

Different algos and different miners built in too

I have a 6x 1070 build running for almost 2 and a half months

hello my first time here in zcash journey

Zcash is a great investment uou won't be disappointed

thank you, I hope so how does it differ from eth?

Zcash has privacy options as far as transactions are concerned it aims is to fix bitcoins privacy issue

Ethereum is a platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DAPPS) in the most streamlined and efficient way

i see, is the zcash faster to trade?

Yes. Bitcoin transaction time has slowed due to its popularity. Zcash is undervalued as far as its real world applications. Imagine a swiss bank account in your pocket

I've done a lot of reaearch, and ZCash is the best option out there in my opinion.

Anonymity alone has won me over. Is this like with bitcoin where developers hold 40% of the coins on the market.

-Changing the block interval target from 10 minutes to 2.5 Minutes. -Increasing the block size limit to 2MB. -Introducing a confidential value transfer scheme. -Implementing a 20% reward to the Zcash team for each block rewarded for the first four years (or until the first halving occurs).

you have group of zcash in spanish?