If i could i would bro, what happened

Is it worth to mine zec if so how can u.tell.meπŸ€”

Is it worth to mine zec if so how can u.tell.meπŸ€”

Definitely it is worth it, Zcash came a long way and it has a bright future it is currently standing at $100 and it came from 40$ to 100$. As fro Mining Zcash you should purchase Antminer Z15 420 Ksol/s which is currently the most profitsable miner mining 8 zcash per month that is $800 comparing to the price of miner that ranges between 1700-2500 return On Investment is only 3 months after that $800 profit per month that means 8 zcash per month for a very long time. Antminer Z15 is Available for sale at bitmain.comminingcave.comcryptocouriermart.comEverywhere else the prices are crazy high as it has become short. If you need any other information do let me know

You can mine other equihash algorithms coins with it as well such as horizen which is more profitable 1000$ profit per month check here

btw are you new to zcash mining ?

S ....what I have been told is the power will be a major backdrop I read u quoted that we can mine 8 cash permonth zec we have to spend for power I mean electricity

In case of Antmienr Z15 power cost is not a backdrop at all

0.06dollars to 0.5 dollars max

that means 6 cents to 50 cents right ?

Yep ...mostly 10 cents to 20 cents I wanted to calcltethe max 50 cents

Don't over calculate it will only mess with your decision. even upto 20 cents you will be making a very handsome profit per month

You will be able to recover your investment very quickly as zcash is expected to reach $200 in next month in the bull run

What is your budget for the miner if i may ask ?

Ok ...let's keep 20 cents

Ok even at 20 cents if you want to make 880$ per month you should mine zencash with Antminer Z15 here check it out with 20 cents electricity cost

That is 100 zencash per month

and zencash is currently valued at $12 per zencash you can convert them to zcash or bitcoin or any currency you want