They are re-reviewing ZEC

There Is Nothing New For Him, So boring

Hi all. Here are a couple posts you might be interested in. First is a thread on the regulatory climate in S Korea:
Second is the recording of the panel I was on at Devcon with Vitalik, Jae Kwon and Terry Culver

We’re trying to figure out the best path forward.

And the chat timeout is really annoying, not sure why it's even there

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You threaten my daughter again and I'll get the authorities on ya

Xavi Álvarez
He is warning a github phishing site

Perhaps the number of downloads of the trojaned wallet fell off the cliff and he needs to unload 😁

Did you examine the code?

I have trown the binary to virustotal api and doesn't detect any threat

probably hardcoded a destination address on all the transactions

Xavi Álvarez
Did you examine the code?

Had a quick look only, it is a from-source build, so most likely they added something to the binary. It has a fair bit of extra code.

What's going to happen when ethereum has privacy through zk snarks? Think that will put a hurting on zcash ??

Because of the dev team

If other coins add Snarks will it dilute the value of zec?

Zcash is one of the most popular privacy coins

$20 here

i hope there is similar situation, when BTC was 3400, and everyone was waiting for ~2500 :)

I believe, that January 2018 TOP, will be just a hillock in the future ;)

Zcash to the moooooooon

2020 will be the year of privacy coins

We will see the greatest collapse in paper assets

All the money will flow into crypto

The next station is the moooooooooooon

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i'm using guarada wallet , there is 26 zcash but today changed zero , what happen d my guarada wallet????

right, from iphone appstore

Did you back up the seeds? Restore the wallet from the seeds