i understand many things are scams but sir this is no scam i doxed myself to be as transparent as i can i have no choice at this point

Why does a person with no cash even know that crypto telegram groups exist let along be a member of them?

Its as arbitrary as hassling chess clubs world wide looking for money

i have been in crypto for many years i love it i just had to sell everything i had

i understand bro sorry if this bothers you but i am in bad shape

You must have sold at huge profits

no i did not i did not hold a bunch because i slowly had to sell off to pay bills

What will you do when the 5k is gone?

well have a good day sorry this post bothered you so much

more like $300 usd worth and it is gone

bro dont be so cold have a heart not everyone is scammers in fact that is where most of my crypto went was to scammers and hackers before i sold it all

I just asked what you would do when the money you get is spent by mid october

5K you said and it was no where near that it was $300 and went to a bill bro

its all good i understand where you are coming from many people know me in crypto and also know what kind of person i am but i dont blame you most are scammers have a good day i have to go. i see what you are saying i just put a number i just need enough to buy a junker to get back and forth to work because i cant afford my truck now and it will be repoed very soon

have a good day sorry if i bothered any of you

When is the release?

someone need to pin this

I've been working my butt off trying to negotiate a fair deal for the zcash gpu mining at launch. I'd appreciate support! Please visit this thread and comment https://forum.z.cash/t/crowdfund-optimized-gpu-miner/1324

@Aztek_btc bitcoinallbot is just cloning posts to other subreddits? Looking at tg zcash news autoposts

Also some surprises on the donation list

Feel free to jump onto the zcash mining slack and ask wolf0 and ampy any questions you might have regarding their builds. Just don't ask for exact specs or comparisons at this time - they won't give it up and they'll get annoyed


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Can I have some input here?

Can I have some input here?

what do you need clarification on exactly

Wolf0 is asking people to define their goals of the project specifically. Many are calling for open source, wolf is asking for open source expectation to be defined as he states on the slack ^

Without the the project being open source to investors satisfaction, we won't raise enough funds

i mean there's really not much left to add to that conversation.