would be good to get familiar. i'm sure that a decent gpu mining kernel will be out before mainnet

thank you very much. I’m gonna read it right away. But i’m not sure if the cloud is more cost efficient than a local machine

so between buying 5k a 5k machine, and buying 5k usd in amazon cloud power, the latter is better? Very interesting

they work in bulk, you dont

your renting cost is proportional to various factors, such as instance ram, disk storage, preemptibility etc

yes, i’m readin the spec right now on the site

not sure about the best configuration, bandwidth and so on. I never mined on the cloud only used some rented ring and that’s it

kind of sad i wasted my free 300$ trial offer of google cloud services mining nexus. wonder if i can reset it with another email and prepay debit

you probably can

but you probably need another card holder’s name

'In the case of crypto-currencies where the primary goal of the proof-of-work is decentralization of trust it becomes critical that the proof-of-work cannot be optimized and accelerated by FPGA or ASIC designs with any meaningful economic return on investment.' - Momentum - a memory-hard proof-of-work via finding birthday collisions http://www.hashcash.org/papers/momentum.pdf

OpenCL Evaluation for Numerical Linear Algebra Library Development http://icl.cs.utk.edu/news_pub/submissions/saahpc_10_cuda_vs_opencl.pdf

"If you look on page 115 of Bernstein's Post Quantum Cryptography, it confirms a sqrt(N) speedup for Wagner's solution to the Generalized Birthday Problem for the hypothetical quantum computer. So if Equihash is using a large list of values to be sorted, then the speedup could be so great that a quantum computer could rewrite the entire block chain quite easily by redoing the past proof-of-work exponentially faster than it was originally done. It appears that a memory hard algorithm such as Cryptonite would not have this problem." https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1438066.msg14563231#msg14563231

When is the release

ehy freeman, you got any idea of the best ec2 configuration? I’m trying to navigate around several option but i can’t find any data in relation to mining (obviusly)

M3.large instances with at least 4gb ram

What's the lowest hdd capacity Ubuntu needs through ec2? 16gb should be fine

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M3.large instances with at least 4gb ram

I just saw your answer. Thank you you are really helpfull! Have you tried it on testnet? Curious to see how you are getting this result

cause i was thinking about a c series

One millon dollars

Yep. 20% of the block reward for 4 yrs

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Is zcash mineable yet?

Mineable on windows?

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He needs help and is freaking out...

Ive warned him against spam

And cant spell losing

True but kinda stuck with the moral side, we cant have everyone spamming the rooms

Ill write a bot to catch them