Who in the world would sell $8 zcash OTC lol

Hopefully she marries me after she cashes out those sweet 8 dollar buys

You guys are jerks

What was the lowest ZEC ever sold for?

$10-15? was at 35 to 85 range for a while spiked to 1100 in 2017

Is theren an official announcements group of ZEC?

Mel 😘
You guys are jerks

I’d rather be mean then incompetent.. no ones going to help you with your wannabe arbitrage attempt.

Really funny, I appreciate

None of us know. None of us really have a clue. To tell you we have a price forecast would be unwise because there are people who would dump more money into an asset based on unsubstantiated guessing

I can tell you what I hope for in conjunction with a reasonable market cap. First BTC needs to be somewhere near ATH for Zec to break strong north but zec will bleed a bit before that happens. My goal is 2x ATH so perhaps pushing 2000 USD - but again, not happening without BTC being at least 4x what it is now.

...and just as easily ZEC and crypto could face road blocks or regulation that send it south even though I feel that’s unlikely

Good news crypto dumpBad news crypto dumpNo news crypto dumpAll news crp dump

excuses to buy moreand lose all 30 seconds after

ppl wanna know why it goes up and downand other ppl use simple news to push or pull

Is there any way to see the proportion of shielded txs to unshielded at any point. i.e. a tracker with graphs?

More and more partnerships also can’t lift the price. I don’t know what else it demands

When is soon
Yep, now the price only follow BTC.

Guys? On what exchange are you trading? What tools does you use?

Arthur Willis
Guys? On what exchange are you trading? What tools does you use?

I advise the social network taklimakan, there are excellent opportunities for the traders. And of course, Binance

What’s everyone’s view on ZEC’s current inflation schedule? Shouldn’t this continue to be a headwind for the price in the short term?

Inflation schedule? Do you have a link to an article?

There’s no specific article, but one of the problems I think the foundation intends to solve is the high inflation (~40% ann). This will obviously be cut in half during the next halvening and every one after, but it’s still a meaningful amount of ZEC that enters the market each day

I might be overthinking it but I was wondering what the community’s view on that was

Not sure. Look at its performance over the past year vs BTC

I hope this can be solved quickly bc that would be a very big boon to prices IMO

Until 2020 at least

I think zec is making a upside slow move before the next halving

Hello im a new member

who keeps buying? price holding good

I'm accumulating more ZEC, much love long term wise 💯

I got disappointed with zec transaction speed

Hello! I'm new to this group. Who is the admin?

I fear LTC will take some thunder from ZEC if they add privacy... Is that a legitimate concern?

Mùn Lam-Bôh

Don't you think the privacy space is getting a bit crowded?