I found interesting game using ZEC!!

I am a brand ambassador and i'd like to promote ZCash on our blockchain Saturday Meetup that happens every month here in Nigeria

Never thought I would see the day where ZEC is same price as LTC???

What happening to ZEC pls

Once whales want ZEC to go up in price it will, hold tight it will happen

But you never know crypto moves fast

is 12600sats bottom?

Mùn Lam-Bôh
Yes. Go all in now

And suddenly the total market cap pumps 1000%

looks like a falling wedge pattern ))

RSI divergence 1h looks bulish

Anyone see it going under $40

I see around $28 early 2017 but shouldn't it stay above that price?

Maybe... or maybe not.

Crypto is the least common sense there is.

I'm thinking of investing in ZCash and Grin

I would look into Zcoin too

I am the business development specialist of Koineks, the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange of Turkey, we would like to list Zcash in our exchange, could you please help me find out with whom i need to talk regarding zcash

Well not with us, that's certain. We are but zec enthusiasts.

ZEC tech is way much better ZK

why dont ZEC rebound

It is going to die?

2017/3 Zec 70usdt,LTC 3usdt,but now they are the same price

that is a big joke

Dash’price is 10usdt in 2016/9,but now it’s 81usdt, why our ZEC is so poor

So much selling order