Looks like a switch in positions.

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Hello, because iam interesting to invest in zcash,,.i found a similar project like this...called zero coin....which are the diferences between them,,,,and why zcash is (if) better than zero coin? Thank you!

Zcash is based of the zerocash paper. Zcoin of the zerocoin paper.They both have pros and cons, while zcash offers the highest anonymity of them two, this comes at the cost of a somewhat controversial trusted setup and no way to audit the existing supply.

Zcoin in the other hand, does have also a trusted setup. Though they are close to introducing sigma which will remove it.And Zcoin does have auditable supply.

Both great projects in my opinion. Each with their respective trade offs.

NO ...ZERO COIN coinmarketcap dot com/currencies/zero/


Zerocoin is the name of the tech, just like in Zcash, zerocash is the name of the protocol or tech

Weird.... So you are saying that if there is an exploited bug that’s used to print 1 million coins... there is a way to find out? BTCP just went through that issue, and it was too late.

What's BTCP?

Bitcoin Private, a fork of zcash

And do you think ZCASH has been compromised?

I don’t know. That’s the problem... it may have been or not.

And do you think ZCASH has been compromised?

No - there is no evidence indicate counterfeiting has occurred.

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Why is Zcash a good investment ?

Does Jp Morgan still use Zcash blockchain?

Stupied question any news out yet on the possible attack vector? Or how to mitigate it?

Not financial advise, but I just want to share my opinions. I think ZCash is one of the best privacy coins.

I love the Zero-Knowledge protocol, doesn't involve with mixing txs and uses one of the top notch tech out there.

I've looked into other privacy projects, but in my own personal opinion I choose ZCash.

A lot of people complain about ZCASH's founders' rewards, but that is only for the first 4 years.

Name sounds great, team legit, has a step in the market, listed both on Coinbase and Gemini which will provide liquidity and new buyers.

Do you guys agree, disagree? Share your opinions thanks.

Cool thanks for sharing.

Btw the more I listen to Zooko talk the more I like that guy. Such an inspiring and knowledgeable individual.

finally i found the Zcash froom

I have sent some zcash coins from yobit to bettrix exchange and it still in pending withdrawl at youbit..i have messaged the support in youbit and they say the delay from zcash blockchain..any informations about that?

Does Quorum blockchain still use ZSL?

twitter dot com/DataLightMe/status/1095787202716545029

Inflation is now high but that was true for BTC in the first four years as well. ZEC will be halvening in 2020

Is that a real question?

Halving doest directly affect the price of the coin.