Zcash goes to entirely shielded tx's in 2019/2020

It won’t happen in 2019. Greater adoption of shielded addresses across the ecosystem (wallets, exchanges) is a priority now that Sapling is out. On the protocol itself, the team is focused on Blossom goals for this year, which includes shorter block times. A lot of thinking is going into scalability, etc but without committed timelines as of yet.

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Hello, Whom can I contact to offer you something that connected with marketing for your ICO?

Moneros bettter

Lol I think somebody got rekt trying to trade.

All it does is go down

Not even a 3% pump before making new lows

Adrian Verde
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Bear market has had me do lots of snorting

I can’t deposit or withdrawal in Binance

They should be fixed.

Hello guys i like d idea that zcash reserves 10- 20 % of block reward for developers. Its needed . But what happens after completion of 4 yrs . As i heard that zcash will stop reserving percentage of block rewards. How will developers be funded ? How will the platform be maintained if there is no funding ?

It won’t be finished. There is a lot left to do. There is a foundation to steward some. And the company intends to continue - we’re evaluating funding options.

There are aligned incentives with that model. But it’d take community support. Btw, the company receives far less than that. The founders receive a chunk. The foundation receives a chunk. The company gets a couple percent.

Want good devs to stay with d project

I m starting to like Zcash more

I don't own any

It’s a serious project with really smart people behind

I come from Monero

I think Zcash will do better in the long run.

Monero does have a huge community, it’s a good project too.But I think Zcash has better privacy as far as comparing snarks vs ring ct/proofs

And in the long term I agree, that’s also my thinking

Is there an android wallet?

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I don't understand why so many people have a problem with the 10%-20% to the founders. They work hard and they should get paid.

And if people are not mining they shouldn't complain.

Isn't the founder's fee will be removed after certain time?

How can i get paid!!!!$$$????

Anyone know how to get paid etherpool?