RT @matthew_d_green: Is using an enterprise firewall sort of like throwing salt over your shoulder, or removing the number 13 from your ele…

RT @zooko: Announcing the pre-launch security audits of Zcash: https://t.co/LPXeO11YP5

RT @vtlynch: Chrome tested text strings that would accompanying SSL indicators, none of them changed user's primary perception https://t.co

RT @mikko: It sure is strange when your company doesn't just have to worry about attacks from foreign intelligence agencies, but from your…

Announcing Zcash security audits—the scope, strategy and schedule: https://t.co/ztpwWlnTyT

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RT @UnderCrypto: Announcing the winner of the 2016 Underhanded Crypto Contest, @n1ckler: https://t.co/BsFqkNtvI5

RT @TuurDemeester: Looks like SEC is looking into TheDAO / ethereum. Centralized altcoins have way more legal risk, that's for sure. https:…

RT @zooko: The NSA had two arms—offense and defense. The defense arm was weak, and was later revealed to have actually sabotaged our countr…

RT @mineZcash: ZCASH now targeting October 28 Relase Date! @zcashco @zooko #ZCASH https://t.co/aXWN6gvT4d
RT @ageis: Multiple security audits have been commissioned for Zcash in advance of launch. Details: https://t.co/WXYHJJkgdM

Is the zcash testnet up?

Some opinion here

Though. 10% reward allocated to electric coin co. 90% to miners first 4 years

Build networks

Im more concerned by their security audits

Its many of the same faces just a different coin

Audit as in how much investment put out by founding investors for mining?

Oops. Anyway I take claims that developers won't be mining with a grain of salt much like how bitifinex 'isn't buying' their sorry-for-your-loss token

Audit as in how much investment put out by founding investors for mining?

Look i think all pre mines are pretty much scams but, if the founders dont get money what happens? money needs to flow for development. So whilst this is far from a bitcoin

I partly understand their logic

Always venture capitalists and investors regardless.

Big pockets always want a shot at the next big thing

Bitgo ceo, Roger ver, DCG

😜 just a shortcut for folks

Im sure there is 100 blackhats out there who will look for exploits in zcash

So they better make sure their security is tight

I think it will be difficult with these oblivious protocols

I forget. only as strong as the weakest link, existing physical infrastructure

Undersea cables are cut all the time, ISP control et cetera

Why do i get the feeling people will fomo in and in 2 weeks people will find away to track coins

Then price will tank

Very interesting to see how this plays out, as all data still sent over unencrypted packets

can someone explain me how zcash is going to be mined

Which algo was chosen for the POW?

In the link. Equihash